Istanbul Technical University

Neuroscience Modelling and Research Group

SIMMAG, located in Istanbul Technical University, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, is a team working in the field of computational neuroscience. The team focuses on understanding the computational mechanisms of brain and designing sytems that embody these mechanisms. Mathematical neuroscience and dynamical systems theory provide powerful methods to improve our knowledge about the computational power of the brain. The aim of SIMMAG is to use and improve these methods to generate simple models that accomplishes some basic computational mechanisms of brain in cognitive processes.

Recent News

5th HBP Student Conference People’s Choice of Best Abstract

Ayça KEPÇE, a member of our research group, was awarded for People’s Choice of Best Abstract for her "A Dynamical Model of Action Selection and Dopamine Related Movement Disorders" study at 5th HBP Student Conference on Interdisciplinary Brain Research.

Room 1117 Weekly Computational Neuroscience Journal Meetings

As ITU Neuroscience Modeling and Research Group, we hold weekly meetings on computational neuroscience articles in order to keep up-to-date with the literature, expand our perspective, generate new ideas, and exchange them.